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Polymax supports its stakeholders and its immediate environment to develop a sustainable business. The Chairman summarizes the company philosophy as follows:

“ Reasonable profits under high commitment to all the social demands of our employees and workers, and to the surroundings that we are working in.” – Mr. Ulrich Maeder, Chairman of Polymax Group

Some selective activities reflect Polymax Group’s ambition to be an active stakeholder involved in its operating environment:

Adherence to high social and environmental standards, e.g. Oeko-Tex standards

Strong focus on internal training and development of employees at all levels

Internal education on ethical management and environmental awareness

Special effort in building up a German community in Zhejiang province

Supporting communication and mutual understanding between Europe and China

Donations for beneficial causes, e.g. to employees involved in the Sichuan earthquake

In 2002 these efforts have been honored with the Golden Magnolia prize of the Province Zhejiang, for the most exemplary social company and in 2006 the Chairman of the board, Mr. Ulrich Maeder has been rewarded with the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon for his participation in the creation of the German mercantile community (forerunner of the German Chamber of Commerce) in Shanghai 1983 as founding President.